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         Don't Pay More Than You Should! Get a Free Professional Consultation.                                           

It is no secret that healthcare costs are out of control.  They have been increasing faster than the rate of inflation for years.  If you are insured, you are probably paying more in premiums than ever before and if you are on Medicare, your premiums have been increasing rapidly too. 

Have you gotten a bill from a hospital, doctor or medical provider that took your breath away?  Even after insurance paid its portion, have you been left with a copay and deductible that is very large?  Perhaps you are underinsured or have no insurance at all and now you are getting bills from your provider that demand payment right away.  Let Dover Medical Billing Reviews help you.

It is a little known fact that up to 90% of hosptial bills have errors in them!  Bills from doctors, labs and many other healthcare providers are also prone to errors.  Here are some common mistakes:

  • Keystroke errors (a coder might enter 22 instead of 2)
  • Charges for supplies, medication or equipment that you didn't get or shouldn't be billed for in the first place.
  • Unbundling (charging individually for services that were bundled together and already charged).
  • Charges for services that weren't provided but were charted or were ordered and provided but were not charted.
  • Outrageous markups for products or services.
  • Many more examples that are hidden in your bill but not identified because of mysterious codes, abbreviations and medical lingo that confuse the average patient and family trying to understand them.

It is our job to cut through the confusion and makes sense of your bills.  We understand the codes and the processes that medical providers use.  We can help you get detailed bills that you are entitled to. These bills can be compared with medical records, if necessary.  You have a right to demand this information but understanding these details takes training and access to comparative information and databases that the average patient doesn't have.  We can help!

A call to Dover Medical Billing Reviews will provide you with an no cost evaluation of your personal situation.  We will talk about the potential to reduce your expenses and ways to make life easier for you even if your bill is already in collection.  Let us help protect your credit rating and give you back some peace of mind.  Our charges typically are based on a percentage of savings (contingency) that we discover plus any reimbursement for the cost of copying records that providers may charge.  Because of the time and effort needed to review bills, there may be a charge for that service.  We will discuss the need for these charges after a free phone consultation  Once a decison has been reached to negotiate a better deal with your medical providers no savings for you results in no fees from us.  There are other options for payment that we can discuss during our phone conversation.

We look forward to hearing from you.